Today In Country Music History: 6/18/2024

Today In Country Music History: 6/18/2024

June 18, 1955: Faron Young Tops Charts with Quick Living

Singer Faron Young made a splash on the fame pond as his hit “Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Whatsitsface” peaked at #1 on the Billboard country chart. Joe Allison, inspired by a John Derek movie and a catchy phrase about leaving a “good-looking corpse,” crafted this song for Young that quickly became his signature tune. If living fast was the game, Young proved he was a sprinter with this chart-topping hit.

June 18, 1969: Glen Campbell’s Troubadour Triumph with Galveston

Glen Campbell hit the country music jackpot when his album Galveston locked in 11 weeks at #1 on the Billboard country album chart. Drums on the album were played by Hal Blaine, a legend who’s been on more #1 hits than most of us have had hot dinners, highlighting that sometimes a great support can lift good music to majestic.

June 18, 1976: Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma Hello

Ada, Oklahoma marked the map in a big way with the birth of one Blake Shelton, who would become a numero uno figure in country music with his long stay at the peak of the Billboard Hot Country charts. And what’s a country singer without a love story? He found his in fellow singer Miranda Lambert. Talk about country royalty courtship!

June 18, 1976: Michael James Ryan Busbee’s California Birth

The music world was given a gift with the birth of Michael James Ryan Busbee, known professionally as busbee, in Walnut Creek, California. He later lent his songwriting and record-producing talents to heavy hitters like Keith Urban and Kelly Clarkson. He even grabbed a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song with Maren Morris’ “My Church.” Sounds like he was preaching to the choir, and the choir loved it!

June 18, 1984: Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone Hit The Big Screen with Rhinestone

Country met Hollywood in a dazzling display of bravado and sequins as Rhinestone, starring Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone, premiered. The movie might not have been everybody’s cup of sweet tea, but the soundtrack was pure Dolly gold, y’all. Parton, ever the trailblazer, proved you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl…or the Stallone, apparently.

June 18, 1986: Jimmie Allen’s Delaware Debut

Milton, Delaware, put itself on the map when Jimmie Allen decided it was time to join planet earth and eventually give us the hit “Best Shot” from his debut album Mercury Lane. He shot up to the top of the Airplay charts, proving that even Delaware can lay claim to a piece of country music fame.

June 18, 1997: George Strait Carries Love to Chart Summit

The King of Country, George Strait, had his album Carrying Your Love With Me tight in the hold of #1 on the Country chart. With hits like “One Night at a Time,” Strait showed us how to balance longevity and fresh tunes, a trick many would love to keep in their saddlebags.

June 18, 2000: Chad Brock Says “Yes!” to #1

Chad Brock affirmed his place in country music history when “Yes!” stayed planted at #1 on the Country chart, a state of affirmation that every country star surely dreams of. If you need a tune to persuade someone to take a chance on you, Chad’s got your back.

June 18, 2007: Johnny Rodriguez’s Unfortunate Confrontation with the Law

It’s not all glitz and glamour, folks. Johnny Rodriguez faced the music in a different tone when he was arrested on drug charges. It just goes to show that speeding can lead to more problems than getting to the gig late—like finding yourself in a pickle with the law and making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

June 18, 2015: Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard Valley High with Django & Jimmie

Country legends Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard struck chart gold with Django & Jimmie, riding to #1 on the Country album chart. Haggard’s last hurrah before passing in 2016, this album showed the powerhouse duo could still teach the youngsters a thing or two about making music with soul—and yes, about guitars that gently weep, and fiddles that make you smile.