2nd Annual Orderville Soup Town Days

Saturday April 20th 10am-7pm at the Kane County North Events Center 475 W State Street Orderville, UT
ORDERVILLE was established at the direction of LDS Church president Brigham Young in 1875 specifically to live the United Order, a voluntary form of communalism defined by Joseph Smith. The settlers grew their own crops and had some small farms surrounding the settlement. They also used local materials to make their own soap, brooms, buckets, furniture, etc. Orderville had blacksmiths, clerks, artists, musicians, and other professions. One of the most talked about items of the United Order history is the communal dining hall where every man woman and child ate their meals. A lot of the time with so many mouths to feed, soup was the easy meal to make. Hence the nickname of Soup Town. This experiment in communal living was the longest lasting “Order” with a decade of success. In 1885, the enforcement of the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act of 1882 effectively ended the Order by jailing many of the Order’s leaders. Nearly a century and a half after the final vestiges of the LDS Orderville United Order disappeared, the town remains a tight-knit conglomerate of pioneer stock and what better way to celebrate a lasting heritage than to eat soup!
At Soup Town Days there will be local vendor booths 10am-5pm, Lawn Mower races 2pm, Quilt Raffle $2 tickets raffled at the dinner, Dinner 5pm- $10 per person-proceeds will fund park equipment and of course Soup! This year we are having a Soup Contest for lunch, $3 per cup 11am-1pm! Bring your best family heirloom soup to be judged. Registration form and rules available on the Orderville Soup town Days fb page or scan the code to get the app. Entries must be 6-8qt in a crockpot, at the NEC by 10:30am, with judging 11am-12pm, lunch 11am-1pm.

Lawn mower races have a $25 Entry fee and you must contact Shane Frost at 435-691-2382 to register.

Vendors $25 fee contact Emalene Lake 801.358.4656

The Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum still preserves the unique history of Orderville and is open by appointment during the winter months and during summer months Friday and Saturdays 12-5pm. The DUP will be open 12-5pm on Saturday the 20th.