A List of Potential Baby Names Inspired by Country Songs

A List of Potential Baby Names Inspired by Country Songs

Somebody did a list of baby names inspired by country songs.  They’re either song titles or names mentioned in songs.  You’ll recognize some, like Jolene, Elvira, and Jenny . . . while others are obscure, like Adalida, Gentry, and Vidalia.


It’s not easy coming up with baby names.  Do you go with something common, or do you reach?  Well, this may help.  Or not.  At least it’s interesting.

It’s from the website OneCountry.com and it’s 36 baby names that are inspired by country songs.  They used song titles or names used IN songs.  Here are a few:

4.  Austin.  It’s the title of Blake Shelton’s breakout hit.  Can be a boy or a girl.


13.  Desiree.  A song by David Nail AND Keith Urban’s old band The Ranch.


14.  Drew.  The name that kicks off Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops On My Guitar”.  Again, could be a boy or a girl.


20.  Jenny.  It’s in Carrie Underwood’s song “Church Bells”.


29.  Rosanna.  From George Strait’s classic “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”.


34.  Sue.  Works with either gender thanks to “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash.


36.  Vidalia.  My favorite.  It’s a sweet onion AND the title of a song by Sammy Kershaw.

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