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Going to the lake….the right way!!!

Going to the lake....the right way!!!

(Buckner) It’s that time of the year that everyone is heading to the lake! Boats of all shapes and sizes are heading to the nearest bodies of water to have a good time! Having not grown up in a family that had watercraft, I’ve had to learn proper lake etiquette as I go. Here are…

Soccer Is Growing Here, But Will Never Be In The Top 3

Soccer Is Growing Here, But Will Never Be In The Top 3

The FIFA World Cup of Soccer is on right now and it seems the sport is growing here, and that’s good. And as I’ve looked at the number of soccer fans in the USA, number of kids playing soccer, total number of teams amateur and professional, I do see quite a bit of growth in…

The World Cup….Its Just begun!

The World Cup....Its Just begun!

  (Buckner) After Monday’s World Cups soccer victory in game one for team USA, its pretty easy to see our country is on board to watch some……SOCCER!!!!  This apparently is nothing new for the state of Utah.   Has been a powerhouse since their introduction to the MLS back in 2004. Two players from Real…

I’d Much Rather Have Rain Or Snow……Than Wind!!

I'd Much Rather Have Rain Or Snow......Than Wind!!

I went to Lake Powell over the weekend with a young adult outing that of course included plans to camp, ski, eat, and enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and shore lines that the Lake has to offer…..that is until the wind came up and made it difficult to enjoy. I’d been to Powell many times and have…

This One’s For You POP!

This One's For You POP!

(Buckner) Father’s Day is that one time of the year (besides Christmas & His Birthday) that you can really show Dad that you care. So don’t let this Father’s Day backfire by buying Him ANY of the following gifts…   This is what boats are for. If you have 650k to spend on Dad for…

Remembering Dad This Father’s Day

Remembering Dad This Father's Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday. While this day doesn’t get the attention that Mother’s Day does, and rightly so, it’s still a day to make dad feel loved and appreciated. Dads are pretty cool. While mom is always the one you run to when you get hurt, or need a good cry because your boyfriend/girlfriend just…