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What Age Should Kids Date?

What Age Should Kids Date?

This may sound like an odd question but I hear all different kinds of answers. Some people say young people dating depends on maturity and I agree with that. So what if you have a very mature young man or lady? Is 15  early? I saw a young couple out on a date last week…



I’m starting a new feature in our e-blast called CARL’s FAST 5! So I got a hold of Mayor Pike from St. George and hit him up with our fast five! I picked some questions out of the blue just to get him thinking FAST!! How would you respond to these same choices? I asked…

Lets Talk About Drugs

I feel for all the parents in KONY COUNTRY who grew up in a “Just Say No” era and now have to raise kids in a “legalized” world. It’s hard enough to have that talk with a child about not using marijuana. But now you get the automatic response…. “But it’s practically legal everywhere” I…

Off Air With Chase

Off Air With Chase

Kids in 2015 Let me start by saying, thank you! If your trying your best to raise a child in 2015, you deserve thanks. I am sure it was not easy for our parents or any parent going back 100’s of years. I realize every generation has certain challenges but could there be a larger leap…

The sun is out, and the snow is perfect!

The sun is out, and the snow is perfect!

  (Buckner) With Temps in the mid 60’s IN FEBRUARY, your probably thinkin its almost time to take to boat out. But what you should be thinking is how nice the snow is up in the mountains!! Everywhere else in the country, the snow comes right to your front door. But in St. George, the…

Football season is over…now what?!?

Football season is over...now what?!?

(Buckner) Now that Superbowl 49 is over and done in Arizona, you have suddenly found yourself with a lot more time one your hands! Time that used to be for analyzing fantasy football stats, reading football blogs, and playing Madden 2k15 can now be used for….what? Lucky for you, I made a list of things…