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Gettin’ Excited About Spring-Summer!

Gettin' Excited About Spring-Summer!

I am ready for the great weather spring and summer bring! And I’m excited too!  I recently purchased some quad runners and my wife and I are going to get some use out of those very soon! There’s a lot of great country to explore in southern Utah, so we want to get out and…

We’re Getting Close! The Dixie Power Kite Festival is April 12!

We're Getting Close! The Dixie Power Kite Festival is April 12!

I’m on the board of a great annual event here in Dixie that encourages kids to read…it’s the Dixie Power Kite Festival! This year it’s the 15th annual event that rewards the kids that read with either a fun kite to fly that day or a book!  According to the kite festival website the Dixie Power…

I can’t wait for July!!!!

I can't wait for July!!!!

  (Buckner) I remember the first time I went to a Airshow. I was 7 and my dad took me over to the Boeing airfield to see all the Bombers, Jets, Cargo Carriers, and stunt aircraft. needless to say, it was awesome! Fast forward to last weekend. as we were getting ready to meet some…

Are You Guilty of Rude Behavior!

Are You Guilty of Rude Behavior!

Using cell phones or text messaging in mid-conversation or during an appointment or meeting is one of the Terrible 10 Rude Behaviors issued by Johns Hopkins University. What about if you just glance at the text to see who it’s from? My wife says I do that all the time and that it’s extremely rude….

What? Cut Back Our Army? What Are They Thinking?!!

What? Cut Back Our Army? What Are They Thinking?!!

Last Monday Sec. Of Defense Chuck Hagel previewed the upcoming Department of Defense budget. His proposal? Reduce the size of the U.S. Army to between 440,000 and 450,000. This would make it make it the smallest Army size since before World War II. I think it’s a big mistake. I understand that our war technology…

It takes 28 Days…UGH!

It takes 28 Days...UGH!

(Buckner) I recently read it takes 28 days to make a new habit….and mine started on Monday! At the KONY offices, we have this guy who is a Triathlete. After a few conversations with him, I decided to try doing one last October. It was great! And the right after, I quit running, quit swimming…