And Then There Was the Time a Female Fan Jumped on Cole Swindell’s Back

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COLE SWINDELL stopped some woman who climbed on stage and was heading towards DIERKS BENTLEY.  So she jumped on HIS back instead.

Never underestimate the momentary lapse of sanity that can happen at live concerts.  COLE SWINDELL shared a story from a recent show where he had to run interference between DIERKS BENTLEY and a misguided fan.

They were performing “Flatliner” when a woman suddenly jumped onto the stage.  Dierks had his back turned away from the action and didn’t see her, and Cole honestly thought she was going to tackle Dierks, so he blocked her path.

Somewhere in the chaos he had his back to her with his arms spread out thinking she’d stop.  But the next thing you know, she hopped on HIM on for a ride.

Quote, “So I’m here with this girl on my back with a million words in this song and finally the tour manager got her off.  I’m glad I kept my balance, though.  She was serious and aggressive, [and] we got her out of there and finished the song.”



Cole is on Dierks’ What The Hell Tour into September.

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