Lady Antebellum Says the Whole Hiatus Thing Was All About Finding Inspiration

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LADY ANTEBELLUM says the main reason they went on hiatus was to clean the slate and find new inspiration.

Now that LADY ANTEBELLUM is back, they’re talking a little more about why they needed to go on hiatus in the first place.  What’s interesting is that they still hung out together, they just STOPPED the day-to-day stuff of being a band.

HILLARY SCOTT says, quote, “We got to go and be inspired by just living life, by doing whatever passion projects we wanted to chase.  We went to some live shows, like ADELE and STEVIE NICKS.  We found different opportunities to find inspiration.”

Turns out finding new ways to be inspired was the key.  DAVE HAYWOOD says, quote, “We got to reset and figure out how to get back in the writing room and start like we did in 2006 . . . with that kind of excitement and innocence and write that way.”

CHARLES KELLEY said they also wanted to give US a break from THEM.  Quote, “It may have seemed odd to everybody outside, but we knew.  We just needed this time away so we could give the fans a little break from us too, you know?”

The important thing is that it worked.  Dave says, quote, “I don’t think we felt like this in probably four or five years.  Just that kind of . . . it’s new, it’s fresh.”

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