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Generosity at its best!

Generosity at its best!

(Buckner) I think everybody dreams of what they would do if they won the Lottery…Go on a vacation, pay some bills, get a new set of wheels, and donate to your favorite causes! But what about donating your ENTIRE winnings!?! That’s what Tom Crist just did. Tom said in a statement recently “”I’ve been fortunate…

Who’s Fastest & most Furious???

Who's Fastest & most Furious???

(Buckner) I always thought it was Ironic how nice everyone is around here….until they are behind the wheel! A new study has ranked each state to see who has the best…..AND WORST drivers. And the worst drivers in the country are in . . . Louisiana.  The rest of the bottom 10 are: South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas,…

Gettin’ Down To The Wire!

Gettin' Down To The Wire!

We shop tomorrow night for KONY Coins for Kids. (CFK)  I know that you know all there is to know about the program. It’s not like we haven’t talked about it on the air, or posted it, or e-mailed it…….so here it is. I think one of the greatest things that Coins for Kids does…

Another week of winning!!

Another week of winning!!

(Buckner) Stucki Farms is so generous this holiday season, they have decided to extend the Christmas Turkey giveaway on the Carl Lamar show another week! So that got me thinking about one of my favorite holiday songs, “Christmas Shoes” by Newsong! I did not get to play the whole thing on the show tonight, so…

We’re Still Short $18,000!

We're Still Short $18,000!

We need another $18,000 in our KONY Coins for Kids account in order to shop Wednesday at 5 pm at the Bloomington Wal-Mart for approximately 1300 children. After today, PayPal donations may not make it into our account by shopping time. So if you’re going to donate after today, please try to do so by…

Bob Barker is a Boss!

Bob Barker is a Boss!

(Buckner) I remember watching Bob & “The Price is right” when I was little, it was my favorite because of all the bright lights and the fact you could…. Win a brand new car!!! Well, Bob celebrated a birthday today, and it was a big one, 90!!!! And He did so by joining Drew Carey…