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The worst winter drivers ever!

The worst winter drivers ever!

(Buckner) From what I have gathered from a lot of you, this is the most snow you guys have seen in the past 20 years! Which means you don’t practice a lot driving in the snow! Here are some of the best videos I have seen….of the WORST winter drivers! 1. That’s not a parking…

What Was Your Favorite Christmas Toy?

What Was Your Favorite Christmas Toy?

My favorite Christmas toy? Wow. Got several. I remember asking Santa for a “Switch N’ Go” car set. That was cool. Or the race car track was pretty cool too. Then there was the Christmas I got a little reel-to-reel tape recorder. Guess that one could have been my early preparations for my career in…

Who’s got “The Voice”

Who's got "The Voice"

(Buckner) With only Five remaining contestants, everyone on “The Voice” is letting it all out! Pouring out her heart, Tessanne Chin ended her song with a sustained note that  likely cemented her place in the finals as the last five contestants battled in the live semifinals round. Will Champlin lost the glasses, on Fun’s “Carry On”…

You Could Win A Car!!!

You Could Win A Car!!!

Would you like to win a car? Well, maybe you can! The great folks from the Stephen Wade Family Foundation donated 3 used vehicles that have been cleaned up, fixed up, dolled up, you name it…… by the generous employees at Stephen Wade so KONY Coins for Kids can use these vehicles to raise $$ to…

Who’s your Grammy!!!!!

Who's your Grammy!!!!!

The 2014 Grammy Awards nominees have been announced!!!! The names were announced last Fri Night  during the ‘The Grammy Nominations Concert Live!! The 2014 Grammy Awards will air live on Sunday, Jan. 26. Of course Taylor Swift scored multiple nominations  (Best Country Album and Best Country Song & Album of the Year) Blake Shelton is up…

Ok, So We Had A Little Snow…….(a little??!)

Ok, So We Had A Little Snow.......(a little??!)

It was really fun looking at all the FB posts with pics from all over Southern Utah showing the amount of snow we got over the weekend. Being from Flagstaff, Az, where they typically get 200 inches per season, this last snow storm (what was it? 8 inches? Maybe?) didn’t present any specific challenges to…