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America NOT Happy With Congress….duh

America NOT Happy With Congress....duh

I know this will probably fall on a lot of deaf ears. But here goes anyway. According to the Huffington Post, nearly half of Americans believe their own member of Congress unworthy of reelection.  48 percent of Americans said they think their own member of Congress does not deserve reelection, while only 25 percent said…

The Winners and Losers of Super Bowl Ads!

The Winners and Losers of Super Bowl Ads!

(Buckner) The Super Bowl Ads this year were all over the place! With all of the hype for some (Budlight’s best night ever) you thought they would be more memorable! Lets review some of  the best and the worst! BEST:  Radio Shack, the 80’s called! WORST: KIA and Morpheus from ‘The Matrix” BEST: Hyundai’s Dad’s…

We are so close to being done!!!!

We are so close to being done!!!!

(Buckner) Award season is just like the Holidays! You love them while they are going on, but you are glad when they’re over We just had the Grammys, which were either the best they have been in years or the worst, depending on who you talk to. The Golden Globes were also good, but I…

It’s that time again!!!!

It's that time again!!!!

(Buckner) It’s that time of year again where advertisers go for broke…..on Super Bowl commercials! So far I have seen the latest Old Spice ad (Creepy Moms) The Car ad for Jaguar with Sir Ben Kingsley and a teaser of a commercial with Ahhnold in it. What, a teaser for a commercial?!? Yep, that’s what…

Gettin’ Ribbed & Chopped!

(Buckner) It’s time to Chow Down again! For episode #3 we are doing something a little different. I don’t know if I would normally order this…until I tried it! Fried Green tomatoes are not something that you usually see on the menu and I think the Rib & Chop House is the only place in Southern…

Football Withdrawal!!

Football Withdrawal!!

I am not an avid NFL game viewer, I don’t usually even watch the playoff games. But this year was an exception for me. And after watching some incredible games, I feel kinda empty inside knowing there’s no football until the SUPERBOWL! How easily you can get hooked after just a couple of weekends! Yup,…