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Sometimes You Just Wanna…….

Sometimes You Just Wanna.......

So…..here you are at a local musical theatre presentation (which you paid good money for the admission….) and during the LIVE on-stage performance of some incredibly talented local artists you suddenly hear some MUSIC playing behind you…….and then you groan and think to yourself…….”are you kidding me??!!”. Yes, someone in the audience forgot to silence…

Is Your Plate Full Too?

Is Your Plate Full Too?

I’m wondering if we have enough on our plates lately. Life seems to be coming at us at lightning speed. Not only do we have to keep our jobs, pay our bills, feed our families, and raise our kids, but now we have to think about the threat of ISIS, Ebola, Enterovirus, and the ever-shrinking…


The official announcement is coming Monday but here is a peek at  the video we will post on Monday afternoon at 4:30PM,  

Oct 4th is almost here!!!!

Oct 4th is almost here!!!!

A few months ago, I signed up for something on Oct 4th. And then I forgot about it until the other day when a co-worker of mine asked “how is your marathon training going??” Oh yeah….the St. George Marathon….that’s what I signed up for….oh wait is that still 26.2 miles?!?! So, I have not been…

Best Tacos in Southern Utah?

Best Tacos in Southern Utah?

We all have our favorite places to eat, whether it be fast food or sit-down restaurants. What’s interesting to me is the fact that, at least with me anyway, is that I go to certain places to eat certain entrees. For example, if it’s tacos, I gotta get the taco supremes from Taco Bell. You know the ones…

I don’t know what to wear!

I don't know what to wear!

(Buckner) With Fall right around the corner, its a strange time….when getting dressed in the morning! OK, maybe i over think the process a bit. But when you leave your home in the morning, long sleeves and pants are a good choice. But by noon time, you are wishing you had packed shorts and a…