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Secret Bunker UPDATE

Secret Bunker UPDATE

Last week when I brought you this story of a secret bunker in our area, I thought it was a long shot. Turns out, my information might be good. I heard from a few people in the area who have heard the same story. The possible locations differ but they all seem to share many…

The 2014 St George Ironman race is this weekend…Are you ready!?!

The 2014 St George Ironman race is this weekend...Are you ready!?!

The 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike race and 13.1 mile run Brings in Top athletes from all over the world…and friends and neighbors right from our own back yard! And with over 2600 Athletes competing this year, its going to be busy! The race begins at 6AM at Sand Hollow and makes its way…

May: Graduation Month For Many! Congrats!

May: Graduation Month For Many! Congrats!

May is here already! Didn’t we just barely get used to saying 2014? And the year is almost half over? Anyway, May is a big month for many as it marks graduation time. I remember how excited I was to be graduating. It was kinda weird. Surreal. Like……what’s next? But it was a big relief from…

Secret Military Bunker By St George?

I realize this sounds crazy but the more I heard, the more it sounded legit. A family friend who is now retired and lives in the Midwest told me over the weekend about a time when the construction company he worked for was contracted to come to this area during construction of I-15 through the…

Be Prepared For Summer!

Be Prepared For Summer!

With the warm temperatures and abundant sunshine over the last couple of weekends, I was gently reminded that summer is on the way! I spent the day at the kite festival in the sun all day on the 12th and realized too late that I probably should have used sunscreen! Then it was the horse races…

Cotton days are here in Washington City…But where’s all the cotton???

Cotton days are here in Washington City...But where's all the cotton???

(Buckner) I cant even imagine what Southern Utah looked like in the 1800’s The pioneers worked very hard to set up the foundations of what our great area is today. Truth be told, I knew very little about the rich history our area had when I moved here. So it really did amaze me to…