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The ACM’S are taking over Vegas this weekend!

The ACM'S are taking over Vegas this weekend!

(Buckner) Time to Double down & Ante up! Vegas is turning into one big Hoedown this weekend in Las Vegas for the ACM’S!!! Last Year was Amazing for Luke Bryan taking Entertainer of the Year….but does He have the staying power that Taylor swift had in 2010 & 2011 to get back to back awards….or…

Best Waffles in Southern Utah???

Best Waffles in Southern Utah???

  (Buckner) Waffles, the Kings standard at breakfast. When no ordinary flapjack will cut it. Its shape perfectly built for small square shape pools of syrup & butter. A breakfast delicacy  so good….THEY GAVE IT IT’S OWN DAY! March 25th was National waffle day and because of this, I had to find out who had…

I’m Bored! What Can I Do?

I'm Bored! What Can I Do?

Not sure if you know this or not, but Utah has the highest rate of volunteers at around 42%! Yup, Utah people step up to the plate when it comes to giving their time to help. I know that around St. George we have hundreds and maybe even thousands that help out with the such events…

Adventures in Southern Utah #1!

(Buckner) So I’m always out doing something or seeing stuff all over Southern Utah, so I thought “Why don’t I blog about it & give it a fancy name like” Adventures in Southern Utah!!!!!!!! Yeah! So this week i went on a adventure…to find the local disc golf course! And lets just say…it was not…

Gettin’ Excited About Spring-Summer!

Gettin' Excited About Spring-Summer!

I am ready for the great weather spring and summer bring! And I’m excited too!  I recently purchased some quad runners and my wife and I are going to get some use out of those very soon! There’s a lot of great country to explore in southern Utah, so we want to get out and…

We’re Getting Close! The Dixie Power Kite Festival is April 12!

We're Getting Close! The Dixie Power Kite Festival is April 12!

I’m on the board of a great annual event here in Dixie that encourages kids to read…it’s the Dixie Power Kite Festival! This year it’s the 15th annual event that rewards the kids that read with either a fun kite to fly that day or a book!  According to the kite festival website the Dixie Power…