Lets Talk About Drugs

Lets Talk About Drugs

I feel for all the parents in KONY COUNTRY who grew up in a “Just Say No” era and now have to raise kids in a “legalized” world. It’s hard enough to have that talk with a child about not using marijuana. But now you get the automatic response…. “But it’s practically legal everywhere” I…

Off Air With Chase

Off Air With Chase

Kids in 2015 Let me start by saying, thank you! If your trying your best to raise a child in 2015, you deserve thanks. I am sure it was not easy for our parents or any parent going back 100′s of years. I realize every generation has certain challenges but could there be a larger leap…


The official announcement is coming Monday but here is a peek at  the video we will post on Monday afternoon at 4:30PM,  

What Do You Think Of Garth Brooks New Song?

  What do you think? We are getting mixed reviews on the NEW Garth! I like it! (CHASE) Leave your comment on our Facebook page post. garthbrooks-peoplelovingpeople


Here is my question…. Before I arrived in beautiful St. George, I knew nothing about the area. I loved the area. The views are amazing! I was told that I would be an outsider because I am Lutheran and not LDS. I was told that people who are LDS have issues with people who are…