Off Air With Chase

Off Air With Chase

Kids in 2015 Let me start by saying, thank you! If your trying your best to raise a child in 2015, you deserve thanks. I am sure it was not easy for our parents or any parent going back 100′s of years. I realize every generation has certain challenges but could there be a larger leap…


The official announcement is coming Monday but here is a peek at  the video we will post on Monday afternoon at 4:30PM,  

What Do You Think Of Garth Brooks New Song?

  What do you think? We are getting mixed reviews on the NEW Garth! I like it! (CHASE) Leave your comment on our Facebook page post. garthbrooks-peoplelovingpeople


Here is my question…. Before I arrived in beautiful St. George, I knew nothing about the area. I loved the area. The views are amazing! I was told that I would be an outsider because I am Lutheran and not LDS. I was told that people who are LDS have issues with people who are…

Secret Bunker UPDATE

Secret Bunker UPDATE

Last week when I brought you this story of a secret bunker in our area, I thought it was a long shot. Turns out, my information might be good. I heard from a few people in the area who have heard the same story. The possible locations differ but they all seem to share many…