ST. GEORGE – The defense in Washington County’s first texting-while-driving homicide case lost a bid to postpone a trial planned for next month after arguing Wednesday that an investigator needs more time to study cell tower records.

50 year old Carla Lynn Brennan is accused of causing a traffic crash last year on South Dixie Drive that led to the death of pedestrian David Henson and severely injured his wife Leslee.

Witnesses reported Brennan was traveling at a high rate of speed and looking down instead of forward shortly before she collided with another car and the other car struck the Hensons.

Brennan has pleaded not guilty to the second-degree felony charge of automobile homicide.


– Attorneys involved in a case concerning an ex-Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy, Steven G. Thayer,


accused of sexual misconduct with inmates, indicated Wednesday that they may be close to a resolution.

Thayer’s attorney told the judge that he and the County Attorney’s Office were in discussion over facets of a pending plea deal. He indicated charges his client would plea to appear to have been agreed upon, though sentencing particulars still need to be worked out.

Thayer was arrested in October 2013 following an investigation into suspected cases of sexual improprieties with female inmates at the Purgatory Correctional Facility.

(Salt Lake City, UT)  –  Salt Lake police say an violent panhandler is now behind bars.  Officers responded to reports of a man who allegedly beat a car with his guitar after two people refused to give him cash Tuesday night.  Police say the man then opened the passenger’s side door and allegedly hit the woman.  He is facing kidnapping and assault charges.  The woman suffered minor injuries.  The car sustained one-thousand-dollars in damage.

(Provo, UT)  –  Provo is being called home to some of the best and brightest.  The city ranks third in the nation on Wallet Hub’s list of most educated cities.  The report looked at what percentage of people in each city have bachelor’s degrees and higher.  It also considered the number of workers with engineering, computer and science jobs as well as doctors per capita.

(Salt Lake City, UT)  –  Utah lawmakers are defending the moves by state police agencies to equip themselves with military grade weaponry.  Critics of the trend say the militarization of local police departments around Utah intimidates community members unnecessarily.  Recently, a federal program that makes the equipment available to police assisted in giving Utah police departments hundreds of M-16 and M-14 rifles as well as six mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles.