ST. GEORGE – Police and emergency crews were busy Tuesday night responding to several calls brought about by the steady heavy rain, thunder and lighting that blanketed the area.

The torrential downpour led to the cancellation of several high school sports events and caused some streets to flood, with several feet of water collecting in some locations across the county. The rain led the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood warning for about two hours Tuesday night. Flooding was reported at the DOVE Center.


Officers were stopping traffic on St. George Boulevard to allow backhoes to scrape off large rocks that washed down the hill into the roadway. Responders also were called to multiple flooded homes and structures throughout the area and multiple vehicle accidents.

A retaining wall at a freeway underpass failed near 100 South .Traffic lights were also  out for a time at River Road and Riverside Drive. There were also reports that a motel on St. George Boulevard was evacuated and the residents relocated to another motel.

As of 8:15 p.m., intense flooding was reported in Zion National Park and along the north fork of the Virgin River near Springdale.

The area’s weather pattern is expected to settle down starting today, with a high of 90 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

ST. GEORGE – A 35-year-old St. George man was charged with first-degree felonies aggravated sexual assault, forcible sodomy and rape after he allegedly forced himself on one of his former girlfriends Monday afternoon.

Nicholaus Michael Nester, who has faced similar charges in the past that were ultimately dismissed, allegedly went to an ex-girlfriend’s home Monday afternoon to gather some belongings.

While in the house, (the victim) stated that Nicholaus allegedly raped and sexually assaulted the woman, slapping her during the altercation, according to court documents.

St. George Police later arrested Nester as he was riding his bike on St. George Boulevard.

Nester was arrested in a pool area of a nearby motel after allegedly leading police officers on a short chase. Nester also was charged with illegally acquiring a finance card and failure to stop at an officer’s command. Nester was booked into Purgatory Correctional Facility on $81,950 bail.

(Kearns, UT)  –  A woman accused of throwing her day-old infant in the trash is behind bars.  Police arrested 24-year-old Alicia Marie Englert last night at her homein Kearns.  A police spokesman says the baby girl was found yesterday morning by passersby who heard her crying.  Officials confirm the girl hadn’t been fed since she was born, and she remains hospitalized in extremely critical condition.

(Salt Lake City, UT)  –  Utah is getting a month-long extension to file an appeal against a judge’s order to recognize spousal benefits to same-sex couples.  The Court of Appeals approved the extra time yesterday.  Earlier this month, attorneys for four gay and lesbian couples filed a brief with the court saying longer time for Utah would prolong harm to same-sex couples.  The state’s deadline is late October.

(Salt Lake City, UT)  –  A Utah cafeteria worker under fire for throwing away dozens of kids’ lunches earlier this year is resigning.  A Salt Lake School District spokesman says the employee known as Miss Shirley made the announcement last week.  He also confirms the district did not influence her decision to step down.  Shirley threw away students’ lunches with negative account balances.  District officials are holding a meeting early next month regarding the incident.

(Herriman, UT)  –  A three-year-old girl is doing just fine after falling out of a second-story window.  Police say the girl was leaning against the window screen at her home in Herriman last night when it gave way and she fell down onto the home’s concrete driveway.  The girl reportedly got right back up and walked into her home.  She was taken to a local hospital, where doctors say she didn’t suffer any serious injuries.