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(Salt Lake City, UT) — The Highway Patrol reports this Fourth of July Weekend was relatively safe, with only one highway fatality. Trooper Michael Rapich says it’s probably no coincidence that highway deaths are down, just a few months after the legislature passed tougher seatbelt laws. By comparison, Rapich says there were ten highway fatalities in Utah over the Independence Day weekend last year.

(Salt Lake City, UT) — Consumers in Utah apparently have a pretty healthy attitude about the economy in the Beehive State. According to the Zions Bank Utah Consumer Attitude Index, consumer confidence increased almost a half-point last month to register at 111-point-eight. By contrast, the national Consumer Confidence Index stands at 101-point-four.

(St. George, UT) — Officials in St.George are investigating the discovery of a six-inch piece of PVC pipe filled with explosives from fireworks outside a high school. Authorities found the device outside of Pine View High School. A bomb squad was called in to destroy the device.

(Cedar City, UT) — A trooper with the Utah Highway Patrol is recovering after being pinned under a car on I-15 near Cedar City. Trooper David Shears was on the scene of another accident where a vehicle apparently hydro-planed and crashed into the center median. A second vehicle also hydro-planed and crashed into the first vehicle, pinning the trooper. The trooper ended up with some broken ribs, and is expected to recover.