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Washington City Police arrested two area men Tuesday following a traffic stop and K-9 search that yielded heroin, prescription medications and paraphernalia in one suspect’s underwear, according to the probable cause filed in the case.

Nathan James Smith was arrested on charges of driving on a denied driver’s license, paraphernalia possession, drug possession with intent to distribute and four counts drug possession.

Keeten Wyatt Cleverly was arrested on charges of giving false information to police, drug possession and paraphernalia possession.

Both are scheduled to make initial court appearances Thursday.


The Washington County School District Board voted Tuesday to increase compensation for board members from $4,440 to $9,000 per year.

After a public hearing that no one from the public attended, the nine-member board discussed the increase at some length before unanimously passing a motion to approve the increase. The compensation package includes health and dental benefits, bringing the total compensation per board member to about $14,000 to $24,000 per year.

Board members receive the same health and dental benefits as other school district employees.

Although the increase nearly doubles board members’ base compensation, it is still less than other comparable school districts,and is 25 percent less than the state average school board compensation for a similarly sized district.

(Provo, UT)  –  An 18-year-old Provo man is facing possible charges for allegedly sharing nude photos of high school boys.  Police have arrested Carlos Manuel Felix on suspicion of four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, assault and thirty counts of dealing harmful material to minors.  Police say Felix obtained photos of male Provo High School students online and then distributed the photos to other students.  He’s also been accused of assaulting a female student.

(North Salt Lake, UT)  –  Police are investigating a North Salt Lake man who they say aggressively helped a woman mow her lawn before assaulting her.  Police arrested 20-year-old Nanaldo Sahene Saturday for the incident in the Camelot Mobile Home Park on Highway 89.  Police say Sahene walked up to his neighbor at the park and aggressively took the mower away from the woman to finish mowing a patch of grass.  He then allegedly forced his way into her home and assaulted her.  Police say he then chased after the woman when she escaped out a back door and tackled her to the ground, but he fled the scene when a woman who turned out to be his wife pulled up in her car and pulled him off of the woman.

(Dugway, UT)  –  An investigation is ongoing after the Defense Department accidentally mailed live anthrax samples to labs in nine states from a military lab in Utah.  NBC reports the shipment was mistakenly sent from the U.S. Army’s Dugway Proving Ground.  The CDC says it’s investigating the incident, and stresses that they don’t suspect any risk to the general public at this time.  The DOD says the Utah lab was working to develop a new test to detect the deadly disease.

(Washington, DC)  –  Utah Senator Mike Lee wants to replace a controversial section of the Patriot Act with a new bill called the Freedom Act.  Lee says part of the Patriot Act that allows the government to collect massive phone records on millions of Americans without a warrant is set to expire this weekend.  Lee says he hopes to replace it with the Freedom Act which would limit the government to collecting phone records only with a search warrant, and only targeting possible terrorist suspects.

(Salt Lake City, UT)  –  Utah is close, but not quite in the top ten list of skinniest states in America.  In fact, the Beehive State is ranked number eleven in the U.S. for the lowest percentage of residents who are considered obese, at 25-percent.  Hawaii and Colorado are ranked number one and number two on the list at 19 and 20-percent respectively.  Mississippi, West Virginia and Louisiana are ranked at the bottom of the list with an obesity rate of more than 33-percent in each state.