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How to Become a Blue Angel!

How to Become a Blue Angel!

(Buckner) We are a little over a week away from THUNDER OVER UTAH and I found myself wondering “What does it take to become a Blue Angel??” But first some background. In 1946 Admiral Chester Nimitiz ordered the formation of a flight exhibition team to boost Navy morale,  and maintain public interest in naval aviation. This…

Who Loves Camping!?!

Who Loves Camping!?!

(Buckner) I feel like in 2014 the art of camping is being lost. Not because of a shortage of places to explore, or equipment that makes seeing nature easier and safer than ever before. No….I think its….ourselves. So lets try to do our best to put down our smartphones (I’m as guilty as the next…

Independence day…Lets blow stuff up!!!!

Independence day...Lets blow stuff up!!!!

(Buckner) Since I can remember, the Fourth of July has been pretty close to the top of the holiday charts. Family, Friends, BBQ, BLOWING UP FIREWORKS, Whats not to love! My taste in fireworks has changed over the years. I used to gravitate toward the loud explosion ones, the m1000′s, black cats, and ROMAN CANDLES!!!!…

Going to the lake….the right way!!!

Going to the lake....the right way!!!

(Buckner) It’s that time of the year that everyone is heading to the lake! Boats of all shapes and sizes are heading to the nearest bodies of water to have a good time! Having not grown up in a family that had watercraft, I’ve had to learn proper lake etiquette as I go. Here are…

The World Cup….Its Just begun!

The World Cup....Its Just begun!

  (Buckner) After Monday’s World Cups soccer victory in game one for team USA, its pretty easy to see our country is on board to watch some……SOCCER!!!!  This apparently is nothing new for the state of Utah.   Has been a powerhouse since their introduction to the MLS back in 2004. Two players from Real…

This One’s For You POP!

This One's For You POP!

(Buckner) Father’s Day is that one time of the year (besides Christmas & His Birthday) that you can really show Dad that you care. So don’t let this Father’s Day backfire by buying Him ANY of the following gifts…   This is what boats are for. If you have 650k to spend on Dad for…

Who wants a Hot Blog!?!

Who wants a Hot Blog!?!

  (Buckner) Hot Blog! Hot Blog! Whatcha gonna do!!!! Well as you can tell this week, it got really hot outside. like already in the hundreds!!! So what are some things you can do with temps that are this hot??? (Other than fry a egg on the sidewalk) Stoplight Lemonade Sales!   Make some money…

Sand Hollow….a place for family fun, awesome boating…and sheer terror!

Sand Hollow....a place for family fun, awesome boating...and sheer terror!

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a dare, and immediately regretted your decision?!? I finally made my first trip to Sand Hollow State park recently. How lucky we are to have such a beautiful lake that close to where we live! After a while, members of our group tried to recruit the…

Memorial Day weekend is going to ROCK!

Memorial Day weekend is going to ROCK!

  (Buckner) Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. Have you started planning your family adventures yet? No? Well lets do it! No better time than the present to start!

Five things not to get Mom for Mother’s day

Five things not to get Mom for Mother's day

(Buckner) Mothe’rs Day is now only 3 days away and you are in a bit of a panic to get the women who raised you something awesome. To help you with this quest, here are some gift ideas….to stay away from! Electric Motorized Shoes They seem like a great Idea for mom…she can get so…