Here’s Why Sam Hunt Writes a Lot of Songs About Relationships

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SAM HUNT admits there’s a lot of vulnerability in his songwriting . . . but says that’s the way it should be, because he writes a lot of songs about relationships.



In an interview with, SAM HUNT admitted that he’s not afraid to show vulnerability in his songwriting.  In fact, he thinks it’s inherent to the whole process.  At least for him.



Quote, “You’re a grown man singing a song, so you’re vulnerable from the start.  I’ve never understood tough talk, these songs that stick your chest out.  What’s the point?  You’re singing a song.”



He does admit that most of his songs are inspired by relationships, so if he’s doing it right, he has to put it all out there or it’ll come off as fake.



So, with that in mind they asked if he considers himself to be romantic.  Like most guys, his answer is, uh . . . maybe?  Quote, “My wife would say, ‘Not particularly.’  From a candlelight-and-dinner place, not particularly.



“But in terms of interacting and engaging, how I listen and communicate . . . I love making her feel wanted and sexy and safe, all those things.  I’m romantic like that.”

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