They’re Casting Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley Lookalikes to Be In a Florida Georgia Line Video

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There’s an open casting call for people to be in the next Florida Georgia Line video.  All you have to do is look like the 2012 version of BRIAN KELLEY or TYLER HUBBARD . . . back when they broke through with “Cruise”.


If you look like BRIAN KELLEY or TYLER HUBBARD, and you’d like to be in a Florida Georgia Line video . . . listen up.  They’re casting lookalikes who can match their style from 2012, back when they broke through with “Cruise”.



It’s obviously a throwback video, and five years of life isn’t a huge age gap, but, y’know . . . show business.  If you’re interested, you’ll need to submit three photos or videos of yourself.




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