Kip Moore Wants You To Scale Down Your Expenses and Start Traveling

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KIP MOORE has brilliant advice for people who want to travel to exotic places but don’t have the money.  Trade in your big cars and houses for tiny ones, and then book a cheap room at a hostel.


KIP MOORE got on his soapbox yesterday and scolded the people who say they want to unplug and go somewhere special, but never go through with it.  This was in an Instagram post that began innocently enough.



He recalled being 21 and saving up enough scratch to fly to Hawaii and live in a tent for a year.  We’ve heard him talk about that before, and it’s interesting, but instead of giving up more details, he decided to get all preachy.



Here’s what he wrote next, quote, “People always tell me ‘I wish I could go see stuff,’ and I say ‘go.’  [And they’re] ‘Well, I’m always kinda tight on money.’



“Hey, I got an idea, sell that Mercedes and 4,000-square-foot house you can barely afford that you think defines you, get a damn Kia, a smaller house, book a hostel and go.  You don’t get a redo.  You get one lap and that [crap] is over

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