Why is Justin Moore Stuck with Two, 200-Pound Indoor Dogs?

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JUSTIN MOORE promised his kids they could get an “outside dog” when they moved into their new house.  But he got bad information on Great Danes and now has two INSIDE DOGS that each weigh 200-pounds.



JUSTIN MOORE is a good dad.  He goes out of his way to spend time with his kids, and he’s always saying wonderful things about them.  But, just for the fun of it, here’s another piece of evidence that’ll prove the point.



He promised them an “outdoor dog” once they moved into their new house.  He figured that would be nice protection for the family.  And everything was going according to plan until he let his wife pick out the dogs.



Quote, “Kate started researching dogs because I said I don’t really care as long as they’re outside dogs we can bring in and that kind of stuff.  So she found Great Danes.  We put the down payment on two ’cause we thought . . . extra protection.”



And then someone told him Great Danes are NOT outside dogs.  But, being the great dad he is, he did the right thing and kept them.



Quote, “So, long story short, we got two 200-pound inside dogs to add to the chaos that already is our lives with a new house, baby number four on the way, and a new tour and all of that stuff.”


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