Carrie Underwood Has Put Makeup on Her Husband . . . and Once Went Incognito Wearing a Wig

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CARRIE UNDERWOOD once went shopping incognito wearing a wig.  She also puts makeup on her hockey player husband’s bruises so he can walk the red carpet with her.

In a game of “Never Have I Ever” with “InStyle”, CARRIE UNDERWOOD admitted that she once put on a wig and then slipped out of the house hoping to go shopping unnoticed.



Quote, “I have tried to go incognito in a wig.  It was right before Christmas, the busiest time.  I just [needed] to get into the mall and buy some Christmas presents.”



She was asked if she’s ever caught her husband Mike Fisher using her beauty products.  She kind of pivoted on that one and admitted that SHE’S the one who puts makeup on HIM . . . although there’s a good reason.



Quote, “He plays hockey, so sometimes he gets bruises or cuts on his face and stuff like that.  And if we had a red carpet, I’ll be like, ‘can I just come and take care of that?’  So I’ve actually put makeup on him.”



She also admits to “cutting her own bangs,” and “acting as her own glam squad.

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