“Best Moments of Country Music History Will Happen on Wednesday.”

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Country Quiz: Who Said? “I Think One of the Best Moments of Country Music History Will Happen on Wednesday.”


“I’m gonna be honest and say that I think one of the best moments of country music history will happen on Wednesday.”


A.  Brad Paisley


B.  Tim McGraw


C.  Martina McBride


D.  Dierks Bentley


E.  Carrie Underwood


F.  Luke Bryan


ANSWER:  E.  CARRIE UNDERWOOD, who’s co-hosting tomorrow night’s “50th Annual CMA Awards” with BRAD PAISLEY, and clearly knows something we don’t.



But how in the world is she narrowing it down to one moment?  You may recall there’s going to be at least 35 performers . . . seven of which are former Entertainer of the Year winners.  And then you’ll have this year’s winners, and the presenters.



My guess is they’re planning some kind of historic collaboration where they fill the stage with artists from all five decades of the show.



By the way, they keep announcing more big time presenters.  The latest group includes Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey, Sharon Stone, Lily Tomlin, and Peyton Mannin

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