Keith Urban Once Got Dumped Because His Accent Ceased Being Cool

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KEITH URBAN remembers the time a girl broke up with him because the “novelty” of dating an Australian guy had worn off.  This was back in the ’90s in Nashville when he was still a struggling country artist.

There’s a very good chance that you and KEITH URBAN have something in common.  And it’s NOT the good looks, mad guitar skills, or being married to an Oscar-winning actress.

I’m talking about the time you got your heart smashed into pieces.  It happened to Keith back in the ’90s when was living in Nashville, but before he was famous.

He said, quote, “I was on the phone with this girl I was dating.  She’s trying to break up with me.  I’m saying, ‘What the heck?  What’s going on?  What’s happened?’

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