Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan Brag About “Trashing Backstage Areas”

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  DIERKS BENTLEY and LUKE BRYAN have a new angle they’re hoping will show everyone how entertaining they’re going to be when they cohost Sunday’s ACMs.  And by “entertaining” I mean “childish.”


They told “People” magazine about the crazy stuff they did while on tour in 2008.  Dierks said, quote, “I showed him how to throw a backstage party.  And he passed it on to [JASON] ALDEAN.”  Luke added, quote, “We trashed a couple of backstage areas.”


Luke also told a “heartwarming” story about what they did to an amplifier that overheated every night.  Quote, “Finally we just had enough and decided to end it.  We doused it with beer and trashed it.  The venue fined us, like, $2,000.”


They even acted out an actual tour cliché.  Dierks said, quote, “We did end up swinging from the rafters one night.  [Luke], didn’t you have a flip camera tied to your belt?”


There was also a show where only 3,000 people showed up to an arena that seated 20,000, so they threw “one hell of an after-party.”  So there you have it, your ACM cohosts have perfected how act like drunken frat boys.  What could go wrong?

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