Luke Bryan Crashing a Wedding

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When Luke Bryan was sound-checking last week for his Crash My Playa show in Mexico, singing one of his tender love songs, there was an actual love story going on at the exact same time.

Jake and Allysha — a couple from Wadena, Minnesota — were saying their wedding vows as Bryan’s “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” played live in the background

“As soon as the ceremony started, and Allysha was walking down the aisle, Luke Bryan’s band started a drum check,” the couple’s friend Jordon Heimbuch told me. “And that led to them playing the first song, ‘Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.’”

It was just background music, though, right? No. Heimbuch said it was so loud, it actually made it almost impossible to hear anything and that the wedding organizer tried to radio people when the music first started to alert them of the sound bleed.

“I don’t think she had any authority to stop Luke,” Heimbuch said.

“The bride and groom made the best of it and kind of shrugged it off with a bit of laughter,” he said. “Luke played one more song — ‘Rain Is a Good Thing’ — before they were done.

And while the newlyweds themselves aren’t all that into country, the whole wedding crew went to Bryan’s concert that night on the beach.

This article was written by CARL LAMAR