Buckner Goes to deer camp!

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(Buckner) Have you ever been to a deer camp? I’m guessing the answer might be yes for a lot of you. Getting together with family & friends in the great out doors of southern Utah is a tradition for many this time of year. So how can I say no when I was invited out to my first deer camp experience for dinner from the Ence family!

Getting to the camp was a experience all on its own! Everywhere we turned on the dirt road, we ran into others on ATV’s and Side by Sides. It got a little hetic at times:)

But once we arrived, its was nothing but sharing stories & having good vittles! It really makes me want to try to thru the hunters safety course so I can go out next year and get the full experience! It was definitely a great memory made & seeing how many back-roads are in our region was a HUGE eye opener!!

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