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Young Child on his father's back

(Buckner) Father’s Day is that one time of the year (besides Christmas & His Birthday) that you can really show Dad that you care. So don’t let this Father’s Day backfire by buying Him ANY of the following gifts…


amphibious-rv-300x250This is what boats are for. If you have 650k to spend on Dad for fathers day, get Him a REALLY nice RV….towing a boat! Amphibious RV’s seems like a bad Idea on many levels. Because sharks.

Cw_800Your Dad loved the “Dark Knight” movies. He also loves golf! So you would think this would be the perfect gift….until you realize there is no place to PUT YOUR GOLF CLUBS!!

Oh, and it 50,000 dollars too.

91VjFoGBvNL._SL1500_OK, But only as a GAG gift. Your dad doesn’t seriously watch this does He????

61J+HA8xEqL._SL1500_I’m 50/50 on this one. If your dad is younger, and has a pilots licence, then this might be the best Father’s day gift ever! But if your Dad is like mine, this is a terrible Idea. It would be like the movie “UP” only you would never find Him again!

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