Raise Your Hand If You’re Ready For Summer!!

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bigstock-Winter-Dog-Shovel-Snow-36814016I know I’ll possibly regret saying this, but I am ready for summer. Yup. I’m cold. I’ve had enough of the cold. And I know I’m whining. And I know back east it’s REALLY REALLY cold right now, but I don’t live there. I live in Southern Utah. For a reason. The mild winters. But I feel like I just can’t quite get warm enough! Bring on the heat baby! I am ready! Half of the country is undergoing the coldest temps in  20 years, and I’m whining. Sorry. Just turn up the heat a little bit. Is that too much to ask???!  It’s amazing how fast you can get acclimated to the temps. I moved here from Flagstaff 26 years ago and I about died the first summer here. But now I love it! Never thoughtI would embrace the heat. Guess things have changed. Guess I’ve changed. Maybe it’s the years. They say as you age, you need to turn up the thermostat. I have. Both aged AND turned up the thermostat. I don’t like feeling cold. It’s worse than feeling hot. I think. Until maybe July or August. Maybe I’ll feel differently then. Probably. BLOG YOU LATER!

This article was written by CARL LAMAR