Another Successful Year For KONY Coins For Kids!

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coins for kidsHow do I say thanks? I know that these words may seem inadequate…..but all I can say is THANK YOU! Maybe BLESS YOU would be more appropriate. Let me first say thanks to all of our donors to KONY Coins For Kids. Somehow we pulled it off once again. This time we hit our goal about 7:00 pm while we were shopping on Wednesday night. Thanks to all of those who volunteered to help shop, wrap, and those who will help deliver tonight. When you start to think of the number of people involved with donating, shopping, wrapping, delivering, or in any way contributing to the success of this charity, it would result in literally THOUSANDS of residents in this incredible community. Thanks to KONY Country and Canyon Media for supporting us in what we do. Thanks to all of our CFK sponsors. Great supporters like Star Nursery, Wal-Mart, The Dixie Center, Boulevard Home Furnishings, Stephen Wade Auto and the Wade Family Foundation, Toys for Tots, Rainbow Sign and Banner, IV Seasons Auto, TCN, Yesco Sign, Snow and Nelson, Ence Homes, Preston’s, Dixie Direct, U-Haul, Malibu Cleaners, and so many others that I know I’m missing right now. Please forgive my bad memory!  From the applications process to the final delivery of toys, there are dozens more great businesses and individuals that I haven’t mentioned that play a big role in this mammoth task. Our chairman Brian Musso is the man that makes it happen every year. He works tirelessly with very little credit or accolades to bring this about every year! Our board members are incredible……countless hours given to the charity with NO PAY but only a desire to give to the children. Yes, we do it for the kids. I don’t think there’s another community in the country of similar size that raises so much money and helps so many kids as the marvelous southern Utah area. Again, thanks Southern Utah! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!

This article was written by CARL LAMAR