Ok, I Do Go Crazy About This Time Of The Year!

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KONY-CoinsForKids-LOGOSo here we are, 6 days from shopping for KONY Coins for Kids. And I’m trying to be relaxed about the fund raising. Ok. I can’t. I think you all know me only too well. I know we always hit our goal. I also know that the last two years we reached our goal WHILE WE WERE SHOPPING at Wal-Mart! That’s cutting it pretty close. This year our goal (and we always start at $125,000 because we never know how many will sign up, nor how many adoptions we will have until about a week before we shop) is going to drop down to around $95,000 because we did have fewer people apply and our adoptions have gone up. So this year we’ll probably shop for around 1300 kids. So since we normally spend around $70-75 per child (which buys a few toys and some needed clothing items) we’ll need around $95,000 in the bank before we go shopping. I just want to mention how marvelous it is to live in an area that is so philanthropic. You guys really do have big hearts. From the school children to the large corporations, the donations to Coins for Kids is heartwarming. It makes me believe that people REALLY DO CARE about those less fortunate. If you haven’t had an opportunity to give, you can do so by clicking on the link to the coins website. Or go to www.coinsforkids.net   Bless You!

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Kris PerkesDecember 12, 2013 at 9:51 pmReply

I would love to help wrap gifts. Any times available?

CARL LAMARDecember 13, 2013 at 5:07 amReply

You can show up any time to wrap between 8 am and about 1 pm. We don’t know what time we’ll finish; depends on how many wrapper show up! We’ll be at the Dixie Convention Center.