Top Toys of the Year for Christmas

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bigstock-Set-of-colourful-vintage-chris-39256726(NEW YORK) — It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Not just because of the  Christmas cookies, the gleeful carols, or even the Yule tide cheer.  Christmas time can mean one thing and one thing only: toys!

This year, Good Morning America is proud to share FamilyFun Magazine‘s Top Toys of the Year.   From cars to dolls, strollers to puppy dogs (robotic of course), no toy  has been left unturned in the quest of finding the best gifts for your  loved ones. After sifting through over 300 products, reviewed tirelessly  by enthusiastic shoppers coast to coast, here are the top 10:

  • Zoomer ($99.99): All the playtime fun of a puppy, with no  cleanup required. For kids ages 5 and up. Get more details at Available for adoption online and at Walmart, Target,  ToysRUS, Kmart, Amazon, and Kohls.
  • John Deere Monster Treads Radio Control Tractor ($99.99): A  tougher than tough truck you can take from the playground to the  playroom. For ages 6 and up. Available online at and at toy retailers nationwide.
  • Hot Wheels Carcade ($79.99): It’s all engines go with this  Hot Wheels speedway, where one or two players can race (and crash)  their favorite mini race cars. Suitable for ages 5 and up. Get more  details at Available online and at toy retailers  everywhere.
  • FurReal Friends Cuddles ($79.99): A plush playmate who got  two thumbs up from our testers, FurReal Friends respond to you with all  the giggles and gabs of a live friend. For ages 4 to 10. Get more  details at Available now at, Walmart,  Target, ToysRUs, and Kmart.
  • Battroborg ($79.99): Master the sweet science of boxing  with your Wii remote. Battroborg’s robot boxing action is the perfect  high energy game for non-stop Christmas fun.  Suitable for ages 6 and  up. More information available at Battroborg is available  online and at Walmart, Target, Kmart, ToysRUs, Amazon, and Meijer.
  • Air-Stream Machines ($69.95): Who knew science could be so  fun. Build air-powered gadgets like hovercrafts and basketball  launchers with this power-packed kit. Best suited for ages 8 and up.  Available at Thames and Kosmos (, and toy retailers  nationwide.
  • R.V. Seeing You Camper ($59.99): From the “Our Generation”  line of toys and dolls, this 20 inch tall camper is truly a life size  experience. Featuring a foldaway bed and kitchenette (among others), the   camper easily accommodates most children, but is best suited for ages 3   to 10. More information available at The camper can be  found at Target stores nationwide, and some select retailers online.
  • B-Daman Crossfire Break Bomber Battlefield ($29.99): A two  player battle royale, Bomber takes all fun of the anime series and  brings it into an action packed game of marbles. Best for players aged 6  and up. Available at, Amazon, ToysRUS, and Kmart.
  • Pom-Pom Puppies ($19.99): An adorable Chihuahua made out  of pom-poms, what more can be said? Our testers loved these adorable  pups and all the fashion accessories your kids could add themselves.  Best for ages 8 and up. Pom-Pom Puppies are available online at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and select online retailers where  toys are sold.
  • 2 in 1 Shop & Cook ($49.99): Fill up your pantry with  the yummiest play food, then get to play cooking in this all in one  kitchen set. Guaranteed to keep your little ones entertained for hours,  the shopper also provides sing-along music and an interactive learning  feature. For ages 3 to 5. Available online at, as well as online and in stores at select retailers where toys are sold.

There you have it, the best of the best. As I look at the toys that are available today, it absolutely amazes me as I compare today’s toys to what was available when I was a lad……about the only thing still around today that we had back then are Barbie dolls, Play Doh, Tonka trucks and little red wagons…..


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This article was written by CARL LAMAR